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  • High Speed & Stop Action Photography 

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  • Workshop Instructor: Timothy Griffin
  • $150.00

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Can your camera capture lightning?  Can you shoot the POP of a bursting balloon?  Yes, Yes, and more!  This one-day workshop will provide by hands-on and classroom instruction, the techniques to photograph the blooming of a flower one frame at a time with intervals set by the photographer.  Photograph an object that moves through an infra-red beam.  Learn to trip your shutter using a sound trigger.  Fire a camera that is sound or motion activated.  These techniques are used routinely by magazine photographers such as National Geographic to capture images of rare nocturnal animals or freeze the beating of the wings of a hummingbird.  The images made in this workshop are spectacular portfolio builders from milk splashing into a bowl to an air rifle exploding a glass full of colored water and capture the glass shards in mid air!  Bring your camera, medium telephoto lens with lens hoods, macro lens or extension tubes, tripod and cable release. If you do not have any equipment listed, please let us know. MPW may have the equipment in Nikon, Canon or Sony on hand for you to use.

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