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  • Forensic Photography 

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  • Class Instructor: Bryce Denison
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This five-session class will provide the student with basic photography and techniques for evidence technicians and other investigators to work in the field.  This class is designed for people who wish to work in either civil law or criminal law enforcement.  Perhaps your intention is not to work in law enforcement, but to prove a point or win an argument.  This class will show you how.  Learn how to establish a scene, photograph, measure, sketch and document a scene so that your images can be used in court.  Learn about the chain of evidence and applied techniques like fingerprinting or making a cast of a footprint or tire track. We will touch on many types of scenes such as photographing traffic accidents, plane crashes, HAZ-MAT scenes, murder, arson, rape, morgue photography, multiple alarm fires, aerial photography, scenes with blood, scenes with guns, breaking and entering, suicide, determining cause and origin of a fire and burn patterns. We will touch on all these topics and more to provide the student of an awareness, of how to proceed on whatever scene you are faced with. Students will also learn about editing digital images for courtroom presentation as evidence using Adobe Lightroom. The field trip will be an arson/fatal scene in an actual burned out building.  Learn to determine cause and origin of an arson fire.  If you enjoy the TV show CSI, you will learn to live it and make money doing it.  Bryce Denison worked for over 20 years as a forensic photographer for the Detroit Fire Department.

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