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  • The Art and Science of White Balance and Monitor calibration 

  • #738

  • Lecture Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $25.00

This hour and a half-hour lecture and demonstration will provide the attendee information about how to achieve correct acurate color during image capture and why Automatic white balance is not your friend. Learn about several white balance tools to "command" your camera how to inturprete the color at the time of shooting. Then we will learn about how to calibrate your computer monitor so the color you see on the screen will be the same as the color and brightness on your print or display on social media. Finnally, we will demonstrate a way to emperically measure the brightness and accuracy of the color during editing so you can know when to stop editing. This is part of the First Saturday Lecture series co-hosted by Camera Exchange in Waterford and Midwest Photography Workshops.

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