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  • HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range) 

  • #724

  • Lecture Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $25.00

Photographers frequently make images under less then ideal conditions.  Digital sensors have limitations in capturing detail from bright sunlight compared to dark shadows.  If the photographer places exposure emphasis on light areas, the dark areas become too dark and vice-verse. Exposure stacking is more than bracketing your exposure.  It is the process to photograph so you can retain detail in your brightest brights to your darkest darks by placing the camera on a tripod and making three separate photos then assembling them in post production into a composite image that reveals the detail you see with your eyes. You may use Photoshop, Lightroom, NIK HDR and PhotoMatix Pro 4.2 in this workshop.  Learn about tone mapping and how to create a composite from a three shot bracket or a 5 - 9 shot bracket into a photograph that could not otherwise be captured by conventional means.


MPW and Bryce Denison are pleased to co-host this program at Camera Exchange

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