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  • Landscape Composition - The Light Isolate Theory 

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  • Lecture Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $35.00
  • This course is part of the Certificate program. Click for details
  • Landscape Composition; The Light Isolate Theory

    This 2 1/2-hour workshop is designed for the photographer that already understands shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO; but who may struggle with creativity and how to design and compose your photograph, whether that photograph be a landscape or a portrait. Do not limit your image to balanced and symetrical composition and how to maximize the visual impact of your subject matter. Learn about the origin of the Rule of Thirds and about other composition techniques including: The Light Isolate Theory, the relationship of positive space and negative space, the golden spiral, leading lines, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and how to create a three-dimensional volume in your images. (Perfect for you left brained people out there!) This is not a camera club rehashing of the Rule of Thirds!



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