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  • Sports Photography 

  • #700

  • Lecture Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $35.00

Sports and Event Photography

This 2 1/2 hour program provides instruction on the use of “long” lenses, vibration reduction (or image stabilization) and noise reduction in their digital files and just how much shutter speed it takes to freeze action and about the use of the burst mode, continous follow focus and back button focusing.  Learn how to use high ISO’s and then remove noise from your image, and when to press the shutter for that “decisive moment” to create dynamic sharp well exposed photos of the subject even under low light levels.  We will have a brief discussion of how to make money in the competitive field of sports and event photography, and how to capture, print, publish and market their work on a web page designed to generate sales.  Event photography ranges from shooting team photographs at the local little league football, baseball, basketball, soccer leagues to on the field action.  Know that MPW will offer a six-week Master Class (#1002) with two field trips the following month in June as a more in-depth version of this lecture.

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