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  • Flower Photography at the Mathai Botanical Gardens 

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  • Workshop Instructor: Bryce Denison
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  • This four-hour workshop will provide instruction on location at one of the gems of Ann Arbor.  This indoor/outdoor botanical garden is located just off US -23 in Ann Arbor.  We will spend our time at the flower conservatory, learning about the close-up techniques of macro photography; extension tubes, bellows and flash photography while photographing the flowers indoors in the warmth of the greenhouse .  Reflectors will be used to bounce light into shadows; to illuminate them into a full three-dimensional quality.  The flower conservatory has three rooms, each dedicated to specific varieties of flowers, offering students the opportunity to photograph tropical orchids, cactus and flowers of the season.  Learn about composition techniques to give images a three-dimensional quality.  We will start in the tropical area first then move throughout the building. We will move to the garden area then conclude shooting in the cactus area.  MPW will have extension tubes available in both Nikon, Canon and Sony platforms for students to use. Bring a cell phone with camera capabilities as there is a  kaleidoscope that can create delightful patterns of some flowers. We will show you how. Tripods are permitted only occasionally, so we will emphasize techniques that involve fill flash with flash modifiers and hand holding the camera techniques.

     There is a $5 parking fee for the day; otherwise, entry is free to the conservatory however a donation is appreciated. 11:00AM - 3:00 PM.

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