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  • On the Go with GoDox Location Lighting 

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  • Workshop Instructor: Bryce
  • $100.00

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This four-hour workshop will provide students with an easy; lightweight, inexpensive travel lighting setup. GoDox manufactures an entire lighting system; easily to transport and setup anywhere. Students will learn how to sync multiple GoDox AD200 flashes and/or the GoDox V1 shoe mount flash. Learn about the difference of bare bulb lighting, globes, umbrellas and softboxes and how they illuminate your subjects differently. Learn how to use a flashmeter to achieve "PERFECT EXPOSURE and LIGHTING RATIOS" to within 1/10 of an f/stop. Learn to set up additonal lights as background lights, hair lights to compliment the basic main and fill light. Learn about the GoDox Triggers that can fire multiple flashes from your camera's hot shoe. Learn about achieving perfect white balance to minimize excess post production editing. Bring your camera, mild telephoto lens and lens hood and plenty of media cards.

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