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  • Graffitti and Punk Fashion at the Dequindre Cut 

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  • Workshop Instructor: Bryce Denison and Rochelle Schultz
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Join us for this three-hour workshop held at the Dequindre Cut just north east of Detroit's Rennesance Center.  Our model will be dress up in her punk attire and will be standing in front of various artistic displays of spray painted graffitti.  Photographers should not create photos that limit their vision of what every one should look like. You may get a client that desires a wild creative look. This is that shoot.  Bring your flash, tripod and lens hood.  Bryce will offer help with outdoor flash techniques like Rear or Second Curtain Sync (a way to automatically meter the scene and still use you flash as fill light without overexposing everything).  Posing tips will be offered as needed. Don't worry that this workshop is in DETROIT.  This is a safe enviornment with safe parking and a short walk to the Dequindre Cut bicycle path. 

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