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  • Though the Eyes of Stephen Nowotarski 

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  • Workshop Instructor: Stephen Nowotarski
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This three-hour workshop is different from many of the workshops presented by MPW instructors. During this evening presentation, Stephen will create an image step-by-step sharing what goes into the creation of a photograph including concept, model, wardrobe, props, lighting and the execution of that image with shutter speed, ISO, f/stop, choice of lens focal length and the post production in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or even some other editing software plug-in. In the studio the instructor's camera will be tethered to a large screen television so each student can see every step to completion and see through the eyes of the instructor. Students will then have an opportunity to photograph the finished composition. 

Thru the Eyes of the Photographer (Think different & creatively)

This class is designed to share my process in thinking creatively - in shooting and designing a composite project. I do not shoot what the camera sees, but rather what I see in my mind? (I will share how I train my mind to think differently & creatively.) I am asked quite often - do I shoot the subject, and then pick a background or do I pick a background, and then shoot the subject?  Watch and shoot with me in this workshop as I photograph a subject to create a composite in photoshop.   Watch this U-Tube video to see even more of what to expect in this unique workshop.


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