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  • The Studio Goth Model 

  • #436

  • Workshop Instructor: Bryce Denison and Rochelle Schultz
  • $100.00

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Goth Models do not live and hang out just outdoors in cemeteries. The most interesting ones can be found at the MPW studios or at a Bed and Breakfast! Come and search for a Goth model with us. This three-hour workshop will include at least four to five costume changes to give each photographer a wide diversity of wardrobe changes to enhance your portfolio.

Model will be Minerva Moon

This workshop can include the #999 Post Workshop Private shoot immediately following the conclusion of this workshop. You can get a one-hour private shoot with the model for $100.00 which may include a model release.  Advanced registration is strongly encouraged and only two private shoots will be offered per workshop.  Enrollment is first-come-first served.

Students are expected to bring: camera with ample media cards, wide angle and telephoto lenses, tripod and a lens hood for each lens.  Just like you go to a restaurant, it is common and appropriate to give your waitress/waiter a tip or gratuity, such is the case here. You are welcome to provide a gratuity to your model at the end of a successful shoot. 

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