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  • Digital Slideshow with Music and Video 

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  • Workshop Instructor: Bryce Denison
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  • We, as photographers in general, and wedding photographers in particular, are constantly in need of presenting our work to groups of people; perhaps clients, other photographers or guests at a wedding reception. The nature of this workshop is to provide by lecture, demonstration the information and techniques to assemble a group of photographs to music using computer software more powerful than Microsoft Power Point. Pro Show Gold or Pro Show Producer, Adobe Lightroom or others have become the industry standard. Learn how to scan prints, negatives, slides and use digital images to create a slide show to project them using an LCD projector. Learn about public domain music, how to record it and lay down a sound track for the show. Create a travelogue of your vacation and share with your friends.

    Wedding photographers can use the information in this workshop to collect baby photos, first communion photos, little league photos, prom and high school graduation photos from the bride and groom, and assemble a “Love Story” to illustrate the early lives of the couple. Finish the slide show with images showing how they met, where they courted and the places they went leading up to their engagement and marriage. Present this slide show at the wedding reception and there won’t be a dry eye in the house. It won’t hurt sales of booking future weddings or commercial work either.  

      The passing of loved ones often has a slide show shown at the funeral home to honor the deceased’s life. Most Funeral homes create a weak version of such a slide show. Learn to make yours strong to tell the story of their lives.

    Just as a reminder; all digital editing classes are held at our new Southfield campus located at 29260 Wildbrook dr. (just east of Telegraph and just north of 12 Mile Rd.) Midwest Photography Workshops maintains a bank of 8 computers in our computer lab, but students are welcome to bring in your own laptop computer if you wish. In the event a student desires to attend any of the 200 series of classes a second time, they may do so at a fee of 1/2 of the original course tuition.

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