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  • Portfolio Development 

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  • Class Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $360.00

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  • This course is part of the Certificate program. Click for details
  • This intimate five-week class is built upon lessons from the Fundamental and Intermediate classes and an editing class.  It is designed to take the many techniques and concepts taught in the first several classes at MPW and assist the student in the development and creation of a portfolio or multiple portfolios on multiple topics.   A photographer does not need a degree or a certification to be a working photographer; they need a portfolio!  We will provide information on what should be included in a portfolio, what photos should be eliminated from the portfolio and then a “take-no-prisoners” critique of what should change in each student’s current portfolio.  Then, we gently nurture your vision and assist in premium printing and display techniques so your portfolio can be presented with confidence and pride.  Students will learn how to make both a print portfolio and also a digital portfolio that can either be burned to a CD or a jump drive using programs such as Show Pro Gold, Adobe Lightroom  or Microsoft PowerPoint including how to add music to a slide show.  The digital portfolio will be well suited to publish on your web site.  Learn about high resolution scanning, printing and even computer monitor calibrations.  Included with the class sessions, each student can select any one-day workshop to attend (that Bryce teaches).  This will allow the student to choose the workshop that will best fit the desired style for their portfolio.  Additionally, each student will be granted a three-hour one-on-one studio shooting experience that will emphasize portraiture included at no additional fee. This is not an entry level class. Students are expected to have a mastery of Shutter Speeds, f/stops, lenses and ISO.

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