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  • Photography for Glossy Magazines 

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  • Master Class Instructor: Holly Q
  • $1,450.00

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This is a MASTER CLASS! Students are expected to have an understanding of shutter speeds, f/stops, composition and editing (post production) in either Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. That being said, this ten-session spread out over three months to provide ample time for students to process their images and bring them into class for review. Holly Q will provide instruction on how to design and execute images worthy to be published by Glossy Fashion Magazines. Learn what/who is an "Art Director" and why are they important to your career. Five of the sessions are held at the Farmington Hills studio and classroom. Four of the sessions are at the Southfield campus and computer lab and one session is an on-location shoot. (TBA). Students that finish the class will have publishable images ready for print submission and will get published in a Glossy Magazine.

Holly Q has done it all: from model, to photographer to owner/publisher of her own glossy fashion magazine. Learn how to "style" your images from model selection, to wardrobe selection, makeup and hair styling and location selection to post production of the skin in Photoshop.

Class size is strictly limited to 8 students to insure that everyone gets a great deal of personal attention to insure their vision is captured digitally. A model and makeup artist is included for each of the four shooting sessions. 

Some original designer wardrobe is provided by noted fashion designer Faith McGary of Couture Poetry and other wardrobe is provided by noted fashion designer Pre Andre Ward.

Photographers should bring a wide angle zoom (24mm-70mm preferred) , a telephoto zoom (70-200mm preferred) 50mm prime (if possible) and shoe mount electronic flash. Tripod will not be required.  Model releases are available for purchase after the class is completed is $200.00.

First session at MPW's Farmington Hills Studio and classroom June 4, 2022. Lecture and demonstration on publication quality lighting. Some studio shooting Olivia Shultz is the model emphasizing pinup photography. Make up artist is included. 6:00PM-9:00PM

Second session at MPW's Farmington Hills Studio and Classroom June 11, 2022 6-10:PM. Stephanie Balrus is the model emphasizing beauty. Makeup artist is provided for this shoot.

Third session at MPW's Farmington Hills Studio and Classroom June 26, 2020 9:00AM - 1:00PM.  Felecia is the model for this shoot emphasizing Commercial Catalog photography.

Fourth session at MPW's Southfield computer lab emphasizing retouching in Photoshop. June 26, 2022 2-6PM.

Fifth session is at at MPW's Farmington Hills studio and classroom. July 24, 2022 Stephani Balrus is the model emphasizing Editorial High Fashion in the studio. Makeup artist is included. 

Sixth session is on Location in Pontiac. August 7, 2022.  Two models are included emphasizing Avant Guard photography. Wardrobe provided by clothing designer Faith McGary. 

Seventh session is at MPW's computer lab and Classroom Southfield campus August 21, 2022  2-6PM Emphasis is on Reviewing and Retouching in Photoshop.

Eighth session is at the MPW's Studio and classroom in Farmington Hills September 18, 2022 9:00AM - 1:00PM. Emphasis is on Product Illustration. No model, but we will use a light table to photograph jewelry, watches, hair care products, makeup or shampoo type products.

Ninth session is at the MPW Computer lab and classroom Southfield campus September 18, 2022  2-6:00PM

Tenth and final session of this Master Class is at the Southfield Campus classroom for a review of images, selection of images to be published in the glossy magazine, discussions on Intellectual property, color space (the difference between RGB and CMYK), image resolution, Pricing your work, marketing your work and bring a dish to pass Bar-B-Que.

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