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  • Available Light 

  • #1012

  • Class Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $ 395.00

This six-week class will explore the essence of window light images and how to emulate window light in the studio. We will learn about the use of reflectors and diffusers, scrims and go-bos to modify and soften light. Learn about time exposures and applying long exposure noise reduction. We will use fast prime lenses so that images made with them will not suffer from high ISO noise. Gain an understanding of controlling white balance when faced with multiple light sources all generating a different color of light. Learn the philosophy of images made by available light including concepts such as selective focus and Bokeh. In photography and cinematography, available light or ambient light refers to any source of light that is not explicitly supplied by the photographer for the purpose of making photographs.  Available light photography is routinely celebrated in portraiture, landscape, wildlife, sports, and nearly all fine art genres. You will gain an understanding of the influences from weather or altitude, the  direction where light comes from, white balance issues, camera profiles; and how to photograph fireworks, clouds, the moon, street lights, flames (candles or campfires), golden hour lighting, ambient light, practical light, carnival lighting, sunsets lighting, streaking car headlights at night and open shade lighting. Images made in this class will be great portfolio builders. There will be at least two field trips, one to a local Detroit church for its architectural features including stained glass windows; The other to be determined. Students should expect homework assignments tailored to each student’s needs.  Students will also be granted a three-hour studio session to work on their available light images.

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