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  • Storytelling with Photography - The art of the Photo Essay 

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  • Class Instructor: Bryce Denison
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  •      This MASTER CLASS is a six week immersion into storytelling by using a camera. This is photojournalism at the highest level.  Too often our photographic images merely document what lays before us. Break the chains of mere reportage and go beyond the traditional oral and written platforms and tell a story with your photographs.  The Greek Slave Aesop created a strong oral platform as did Ronald Dahl and William Shakespeare. In fact, some of their oral or written stories were transformed into a visual platform by people like Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg into movies. That is where we will delve. MPW will assist each student with the selection of a topic and then help them with the creation of a series of photographs to bring that topic into a visual presence. Life Magazine and W. Eugene Smith hit the pinnacle of this genre with their photo essays like the Country Doctor and Minamata or the Spanish Village. Margarette Bourke White photographed Ghandi for her Life Magazine photo essay.

         The slide show on the MPW web page with this class illustrates a Billy Graham Crusade called Explo 72. It occurred in Dallas, TX at the Cotton Bowl. 80,000 Young Christians came from all over the county to be part of what came to be known as the Christian Woodstock. Bryce Denison attended and documented this event in photographs.

         Students who enroll in this MASTER CLASS will select a topic or venue to photograph extensively. It may be telling the story of a local animal rescue or Homeless Shelter, food bank or whatever topic the student finds interesting. Bryce will assist each student to select a story that you have passion about so the story can be relayed visually through your photos.  Tell the story you choose. Consider viewing the Kodak Book Series "A day in the Life Of" for inspiration. Become more than a photographer. Become a storyteller.

    The MPW computer lab film scanners and the MPW studio are but a few of the resources available to the students of this MASTER CLASS.

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