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  • New Mexico Bird and Landscape Experience 

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    • This trip is not scheduled at this time.
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    This five-day workshop will put students in close proximity to 40,000 Snow Geese and 10,000 Sand Hill Cranes.  Imagine when the first rays of sunlight peer over the nearby mountains while 40,000 Snow Geese and most of the Sand Hill Cranes jump into the air in one unified motion.  They fly directly overhead toward the waiting cornfields and disappear in less than one minute.  It is an awe inspiring experience not to be missed.  The last 10,000 geese and Sand Hill Cranes then leisurely become airborne within the next hour.  We will then drive to the cornfields and photograph the birds until it is time for the birds to return to their nighttime roost surrounded by protective ponds.  These birds migrate from the waters of the Rio Grande going north every spring, then return to Bosque Dell Apache National Wildlife Refuge each fall.  We will spend a couple of days at the White Sands National Monument in nearby Alamogordo, NM.  The dunes here are like no other on earth, because they are made of gypsum sand.  Finally, for the science enthusiast, we will visit the Very Large Array (VLA) of radio telescopes and satellite dishes.  The movie Contact starring Jody Foster was filmed here in Socorro, NM.  This workshop is appropriate for photographers and painters who will paint from their photos at home.  Airfare, ground transportation, food and lodging are not included.  Contact MPW for help in renting some large lenses.
    The enrollment of this Photo Safari is limited to 12

    Students attending the 300 Series Safaris will qualify for a one-day Photoshop opportunity to print exhibition quality images from their recent safari, under the tutelage of an MPW instructor.  This printing day is included at no additional charge.

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